Love Note #20: Dachshund Vision

Sorry for the lag, I’ve been busy viewing the city from a different perspective– that of Watson, my stumpy, little dachshund.

Using a custom-made harness, I strapped a GoPro camera to Watson’s back to get his view of Manhattan. The city can be amazing and overwhelming standing at 5’6″ so I was curious to see how it looked from 12″ high.
reluctant cameraman

reluctant cameraman

“Doxie Vision” has been hilarious! Lots of butt sniffing, a maze of giant legs and terrifying close encounters with taxi wheels. The best part might be the reactions from passing New Yorkers: “That little dog’s got a camera!” & “We’re on camera!…at least our feet are.”

Paid in cookies

Paid in cookies

Here’s our first video, a moody grey day at the Met:

More (less crooked!) videos TK.

Where should we film next? Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street?

Filming the ankle-high city

Filming the ankle-high city


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