Love Note #35: Movies!

Lights, Camera, Action!, oh my!

They’re filming a movie on my block. I love NYC outdoor filming: seeing the huge spotlights, cameras on tracks, the catering tent, & PAs desperately trying to close off sidewalks.  As I walked Watson this afternoon I stepped right into the heart of it (much to the poor PAs dismay).

Look for the "Made in NY" yellow flyers

Look for the “Made in NY” yellow flyers

I was shooed to the adjacent street corner where I got the lowdown from other movie rubberneckers: They’re filming HBO’s upcoming movie “Wizard of Lies” about Bernie Madoff. Apparently Robert DeNero is playing Bernie. Did I see him? No. But then again I’m nearsighted and never wear my glasses. Everyone was comparing notes: “I saw Soandso filming in Central Park last week!” “They closed down the L train once for a shoot. It was a mess!” etc, etc.

Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera (nee phone) on me to give you a nice behind the scenes peak but it was a circus. They even transformed my corner bakery, “Corrado’s Bread” into the generic “Lexington Bread and Pastries.”  So much work for probably a 2 minute scene. Gotta love movie magic.



2 responses to “Love Note #35: Movies!

  1. Read this to Chris. He says, “Hi”. He also mentions how different his small town AZ is so different from your big city. Loves the feel you create in your vignettes.

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